Sunday, September 19, 2010


I love the fall… the colors start to change, kids go back to school and there is a general excitement in the air. Another thing I love about fall… school supplies go on sale! I found these composition books on sale at Target for 25 cents each!
I decided I really couldn’t beat this deal, so I stocked up and decided that we would have an Activity Day on Journals. I based our craft on this demonstration on

I purchased some girly scrapbook paper at hobby lobby when it was 50% off. Then, I gathered up all of my extra stickers, buttons, and markers. I also made name labels to for the girls to add to the front of their journals (download the PDF doc below).

We started the Activity with a 15 minute discussion/devotional about journals. We asked the girls if any of them kept a journal, why we should keep a journal and things they can write in their journals. We also shared a couple of personal stories about blessing from keeping a journal. My co-leader talked to the girls about Joseph Smith and how he recorded his history. She read verses 11 – 19 from Joseph Smith History, and then bore her testimony about how she was so happy that Joseph Smith wrote those things down so that she could have a testimony of the true church.

Then we got to work on our journals! Here are a few pictures how ours turned out.


To download my Journal Labels via Google Docs, click the link below. These should be printed on Avery 5164 Labels.

Journal Labels


  1. I nominated you for a blog award, over on my blog!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! We did this today in Activity Days. The girls loved it. Only change is we added a pocket in the front cover to hold their Faith in God booklet.
    Later this month we are going to make journal jars to go with them.

  3. Thanks so much Wendy. We are going to do this on Wednesday.