Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas Service

For one of our activities in December, we asked each of the girls to bring a dozen treats. I was amazed by the variety of things that we got: cookies, candies, cupcakes and more! I purchased four inexpensive platters and we divided all of the treats among them. While I wrapped the plates with Saran Wrap, I had the girls sign Christmas Cards for each member of our primary presidency. I made sure that they thanked them for all of the hard work that they put into our primary.

When the plates are cards were done, we loaded up in a couple of cars and delivered the plates of treats to our presidency. When we delivered them, the girls sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas!"

We received a thank you card from one of the councilors. I read it out loud to the girls. They all were so happy and clapped after I read the card. We talk about how serving others make us happy because we are serving Jesus Christ.

The Symbols of Christmas

For our Christmas Activity, I wanted to share something spiritual with the girls and have some fun, too. I had heard the story "Teach the Children" several times, so I Googled it and was amazed how many versions there were! I combined four versions--three I found on the internet and one that my mother had given me in a Christmas binder some years ago. I condensed a couple of things and used LDS terminology that would be familar to the girls.

Click the link below to download my version of "Teach the Children" via Google Docs:
Teach the Children Story

I purchased tiny Christmas Trees, Ornaments (from the story) and a red fabric gift bag for each girl at a local craft shop. I waited for everything to go on sale and got most of the items for 50% off.

I found some mini clothes pins and hot glued them to the back of each ornament so they could easily be attached to the tree. I placed everything in the red fabric gift bag along with a copy of the story "Teach the Children."

For our opening excercises, we shared the Christmas Story told in Luke 2. When we were done, I told the girls that I had something very exciting to tell them. Santa Claus himself had visited me last night and brought me this little bag. The younger girls were excited and in disbeleif, while the older girls just played along. I told them that Santa Claus wanted me to share something very important with them. I began reading the story. I pulled each item out of my little bag as I read the story, decorating the tree along the way. The girls had fun guessing what each ornament in the bag meant and were very interested in what Santa had shared with me. When I finished, I told the girls that Santa had left them all a bag. They were so excited to have their own little tree for their rooms. They took about 15 minutes decorating their trees and chatting more about each ornament's meaning.

It was a fantastic activity that taught the girls about the true meaning of Christmas in a fun way. I told them to take their trees home and share them with their families for Family Home Evening (which I think they all did!). I also encouraged them to save their trees and bring them out each year to remind them of the true meaning of Chirstmas.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Summer Salad

Betty Crocker’s Summer Layered Chicken Salad is one of my all-time favorite meals. I showed the girls how to make it at one of our summer evening Activities. After teaching the girls basic washing and knife skills, I divided them up into three teams. I put each team in charge of preparing and chopping up a different ingredient for the salad: chicken breast, strawberries and lettuce. I let each of the girls help me add the ingredients for the salad. Then, I showed them how to make the homemade salad dressing. They took turns whisking it up. They were all amazed that you could make your own salad dressing at home!

We set the table, opened some store bought rolls and shared a meal together. The girls LOVED the salad and really enjoyed putting it all together. I sent them all home with the recipe to share with their families.

Note: I checked with the girls' parents to make sure I wouldn't be dealing with any food alergies. Better safe than sorry!

Get to Know You Pizza Party

For my first activity as Activity Days Leader, we did a “Get to Know You Pizza Party.” I ordered a couple of pizzas and bought a package of Capri Suns. While we ate, we played a get to know you game. I started by introducing myself: “My name is Sister Clasen and I love to sew. What are some of your hobbies?” We went around the table and everyone shared their favorite hobby. Then, I had each of the girls do the same thing; state their name and ask a question for all of the girls. They had a great time learning about each other and got very excited when they found similarities! By the end of the activity, I knew all of the girls’ names, their personalities, what they enjoy doing and more!

Here are some sample get to know you questions:
  • What is your favorite color?
  • When is your birthday?
  • How many brothers & sisters do you have?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • What is your favorite subject in school?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • What is your favorite movie?
  • What is your favorite primary song?
  • What is a talent that you have?
  • What do you like to do in the summer?

Activity Days Attendance Sheet

This is what I use to keep track of who has been coming to Activity Days. I list the names in the left-hand colum and list the two activity dates under each month.

I used the font "Teen" in this document. Download it HERE for free!

Click the link below to download via Google Docs:

Activity Days Attendance Sheet - Word 2007
Activity Days Attendance Sheet - Word 97-2003

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Activity Days Directory

I created this document for the girls AND ME to keep track of everyone including new girls and birthdays. The girls keep this list in their Activity Days Notebook and I give them new ones if there are any changes.

I used the font "Teen" in this document. Download it HERE for free!

Click the link below to download via Google Docs:
Activity Days Directory - Word 2007
Activity Days Directory - Word 97-2003

Monday, January 18, 2010

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Sewing - Part One

Today was our first sewing activity and all-in-all, things went pretty well. My Co-Leader, Chelsea, just started a new job, and was unable to come. So, I called up my BFF Stepahnie, who of course came to my rescuse to help out with the activity. I gave her a quick overview of putting together these simple bags and she was able to jump right in and help the girls.

I sent out invitations ahead of time, asking the girls to bring a 1/2 yard of cotton fabric. I gave them the option of bringing two 1/4 yard pieces, one pattern for the outside of the bag, and another for the inside of the bag. The girls all brought very fun fabric! Some of the girls who only brought 1 pattern, traded with the others to make the fabric combinations even more interesting. I provided:.craft thread (almost like an embroidery floss), needles (with large heads), Felt (for the pocket) Ribbon (for the purse straps), pins and scissors.

For this activity, we focused on cutting and hand-sewing.

We showed the girls how to pin the pattern pieces to their cloth and cut out their fabric pices. Some of the girls were naturals and some had trouble with the whole pinning process--they were either bored or frustrated by it. They only had 3 pieces to cut: the outside & inside bag and the pocket, so the process went by relatively quickly.

We then showed the girls how to hand sew their felt pockets into their purse liners. I simplified the whole pocket process by making them out of felt and having the girls do a simple stitch to apply them. It gives the purses a cute rustic feel. Some of the girls had never sewn before and found it absolutely fascinating! I had no complaints once they got into the actual sewing portion of the activity.

After they sewed on their pockets, we had them pin the inside and outside of the purse to prep for machine sewing, which will be part two of this activity. Then, we helped them cut a length of ribbon for their purse strap (they got to decide how long they wanted their purse to hang).

We organized all of the girls' stuff for next time in paper bags labeled with their names.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sewing in January

The girls have wanted a sewing activity since I started Activity Days last May, so we are taking both Activities in January to sew these cute purses. I put together a pattern adapted from a couple of purse projects that I found online. I simplified them a bit and put together my own instructions and pattern pieces for the girls. I will use my girls as "Guinea Pigs" and post the instructions and patterns when we have completed them... that way I can "iron" out any kinks!

Faith In God Requirments Tracking

I created this Faith in God Requirements Tracker to keep the Faith in God Program at the top of my girls' minds. They keep it in their "Activity Day Notebooks" that they bring each week and we color-in any goals or requirements that they sign off on. It makes it easy for the girls AND ME to get a quick view of what has been done and what still needs to be done.

I received several requests for a boys version, so I am also including the link to that one.

Photos for these worksheets came from the Sugar Doodle Website and the Faith in God for Boys Book.
Click the link below to download a full PDF version via Google Docs:
Faith in God Requirements for Girls
Faith in God Requirements for Boys

Welcome to my new Blog!

My name is Wendy Clasen. I am a professional marketer for a commercial design firm where I create various marketing materials to support my company. I occasionally do freelance graphic design work, which I love.

I have wanted to start a blog with meaning and I think I've finally found my "calling." I was called as an Activity Days Leader for my ward in May 2009. I have had the best time organizing and planning activities for our great group of girls. I've posted a couple of things on, where I have also found inspiration for many things! I thought I would start blogging about my experiences and fun activities and things that I find useful. Hopefully I can finally utilize a blog as a creative outlet!