Sunday, February 28, 2010

January Sewing - Part 2

The Second part of our sewing project conisted of machine sewing and finishing. I enlisted the help of our Primary President and a mother to help with this project. We had 3 sewing machines and 1 iron. 3 of us taight the girls the basics of machine sewing, one on one, while the 4th helped the girls with the basics of ironing. It all went pretty smoothly. With 7 girls in attendance, it took exactly 2 hours to finish everything up.

Since each of us were only able to help one girl at a time while sewing and pressing, I set up a table with copies of coloring and game pages from the Friend. This gave the girls something to do while they were waiting for their lesson.

Here are a few photos from the activity:

The girls hand finished the top of their purses with the same decorative craft thread that they used for the inside pocket.

When the girls finished their purses, they used craft glue to attach buttons.

A completed purse; waiting for the buttons to dry.

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